The Some Principle

I was struggling with this yesterday and since I can guarantee others struggle with this, I wanted to share. My thoughts may not be perfectly formed at this point, but they are fresh. In light of this post, I wanted to just get my thoughts on “paper,” whether or not they make perfect sense. I think you’ll understand what I mean here in a bit.

Yesterday, I did a little bit of a lot of things. I did a little bit of Bible study, I did a little bit of cleaning, I did a little bit of packing for our move, I did a little bit of cooking, I did a little bit of laundry, I did a little bit of socializing, I did a little bit of napping, I did a little bit of blogging. But, gosh darn it, I couldn’t cross a thing off my list.

I had a professor who was a self-admitting perfectionist. She would openly admit that she would struggle to even start something if she knew she couldn’t do it perfectly. Conveniently, my nursing class was full of perfectionists. For an entire semester, she reiterated, “Don’t let perfection get in the way of you doing something good.”

Last night we were watching Thursday night football. During half time, I jumped up to get the dishes done. Secretly, I wanted to check at least one thing off my list that day. I was washing the dishes and like a typical women I was recounting my entire day in about fifteen minutes. My thoughts were jumping around all over the place. Like a puppy or baby, Ben gets nervous when I get quiet all of a sudden. Usually it means I’m thinking deeply which can go either in a positive or negative direction. So, he pulls himself away from the half-time report and says, “What’s wrong baby?”

I say, “Nothing.” (because how do you put into words the ten thoughts you have all at once?) Then I wait a few seconds, “Well, I’m actually kind of mad that I didn’t put Fitzpatrick in this week for my Fantasy line-up, he’s doing really well tonight. Wilson better step it up on Sunday.”

He laughed, “So that’s all you’re thinking about?”

“Yep.” – me

“Well, I’m actually thinking about how I feel that I accomplished nothing today.” – me

“There it is, I knew something was bothering you.” – him

Honestly, I didn’t go to bed completely okay with my day. As I looked at my to-do lists, I felt defeated. It still bothered me that I couldn’t cross anything off. Naturally I vowed to get everything done tomorrow and kick my bootie into gear. I chalked it up to an unsuccessful, unproductive day and I’ll do better tomorrow. But this morning I had a thought, and I knew it wasn’t my own thought because it was laced in so much wisdom, peace, and yet simplicity. God whispered to me this morning, “The Some Principle.” That’s it. I pondered it for a minute and realized, “Some Bible study is still Bible study, some cleaning is still cleaning, some packing is still packing, some cooking is still cooking, some laundry is still laundry, some socializing is still socializing, some napping is still napping, and some blogging is still blogging.”

So today I challenge myself and you to give yourself freedom and apply “The Some Principle” to your day. Don’t let perfection get in your way of doing something good. Let’s live our beautifully, chaotic lives to the fullest!

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