Announcing The Enough Life Podcast!

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Today, Laura and I are happy to announce the launch of The Enough Life Podcast at God’s Enough – Women’s Ministry!

What is the The Enough Life Podcast About?
At God’s Enough – Women’s Ministry, we claim one life message: God is Enough When I Am Not. Laura and I use our testimonies of recovery from addiction, eating disorders, depression, and anxiety to encourage and inspire hope in women ages 18-45. Over at the God’s Enough Blog, we combine our personal experience and Biblical studies to write on central topics such as: Identity, Bondage, Surrender, Transformation, and Freedom in Christ. We write on these central topics using the, “I Was, I Am, I Will Be” format. So, between the two of us, six blogs are posted for each series. Therefore, The Enough Life Podcast is a way for us to succinctly conclude each blog series with a meaningful conversation. Laura and I hope you will join us at The Enough Life Podcast!

Where can you find The Enough Life Podcast?
There is a new tab on our website called “Podcast.” You may listen there, if you so please. All our podcasts are hosted at Libsyn, so you may stream and download the podcasts at our Libsyn site by clicking here. If you prefer to use an app, you may download the podcasts using your Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, and Stitcher Apps. Simply type in, “The Enough Life Podcast” in your search bar and it will pop up.

How will you know when we post a new episode?
Every time we post an episode, we will create a new blog post informing you. Each blog post will have all the necessary links for your convenience. If you subscribe via Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, and/or Stitcher Apps, the app will notify you.

We hope that you enjoy The Enough Life Podcast!

Now Go in God Knowing He is Enough for You!

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