Trans-Affirming Black Lives Matter Curriculum for Pre-K through 3rd Graders

This week, February 1-5, public schools across the country are engaging in Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action. The goal, “is a national uprising that affirms the lives of Black students, teachers, and families. This week centers classroom lessons about structural racism, intersectional Black identities, Black history, and anti-racism through the 13 Guiding Principles from the Black Lives Matter movement.”

What’s on the agenda this week for Pre-K through 12th graders in the public education system?

Monday: Restorative Justice, Empathy, and Loving Engagement
Tuesday: Diversity and Globalism
Wednesday: Trans-Affirming, Queer Affirming, and Collective Value
Thursday: Intergenerational, Black Families, and Black Villages
Friday: Black Women and Unapologetically Black

Wednesday’s agenda caught my attention. BLM’s kid-friendly version of the trans-affirming principle says, “Everybody has the right to choose their own gender by listening to their own heart and mind. Everyone gets to choose if they are a girl or a boy or both or neither or something else, and no one else gets to choose for them.” How trans-affirming has anything to do with the Black Lives Matter movement is beyond me. That will be a conversation for another day though.

The curriculum, developed by Chris Rogers, is available to the public. Below is an excerpt from the trans-affirming script that will be taught to our Pre-K through 3rd graders today.

Teacher: For a long time scientists thought that there were just two types of body parts- boy parts and girl parts- but every day they’re learning that there’s way more diversity or difference not just between our body parts but also in the hormones that might make our voices deeper or higher, give us facial or body hair, or make us taller or shorter. This is making it so scientists are finding that only having two choices, boy or girl, doesn’t really make a lot sense. Even so, doctors and parents still use what they can see to guess what our gender is when we’re born. Some of us find that as we grow up and learn to talk that the gender we were assigned or given is a good fit for us. Others find that our gender is actually different than the doctors thought when we were born. Folks who’s gender is different than the one they were assigned at birth are called transgender. Some folks also find that the words “boy” or “girl” don’t make sense for them at all and they are called nonbinary. Nonbinary folks might prefer to be called, “they” or “ze” instead of “him” or “her.” We’re going to listen to a book written by a transgender girl. When she was born the doctors thought she was a boy. Let’s listen to find out what happened after that…”

The teacher is instructed to read a book called, “I am Jazz,” to the children. It is a story of a transgender child based on the real-life experience of Jazz Jennings. The lesson plan notes, “when Jazz says, ‘I have a boy body but a girl brain’ I would recommend stopping the video and reminding kids that there’s no such things as ‘boy bodies’ but instead that the doctors thought she was a boy by using what they could see.”

Why is this concerning?

It is very concerning, frankly sickening, that young children are being fed this gender dysphoria nonsense. On the other hand, young children are quite resilient and have short attention spans. Consider this though. Today, the children may not pay attention to the lesson. Next year, they hear the same message. Over and over, the repetition of the trans-affirming principle takes root. They will spend thirteen years in the public education system. Surely this message will be ingrained by the time they are eighteen.

Hypothetically speaking, let’s say the child thinks it’s weird that boys can be girls. Or perhaps, the child’s parents are uncomfortable with this content being taught in the classroom. President Biden’s recent executive order makes it almost impossible for such a child or parent to speak out. The executive order mandates that any school receiving federal funding must allow biological boys who self-identify as girls into girls’ restrooms, locker rooms, and sports. If the schools fail to comply then they face action from the federal government. Surely this child and parent will remain silent or else they will be accused of and possibly prosecuted for discrimination.

What should you do?

If you are a parent of a child in the public education system, be aware of what your child is learning at school. At home, combat the world’s lies by teaching them what God says about gender. I also encourage you to consider if homeschooling is an option for you and your family. This curriculum is just a taste of the liberal bias that has infiltrated the public education system. As my husband and I look ahead to educating our child, we are heavily considering the homeschooling option. All of us, parents or not, should be praying for these children. Pray that God will keep their minds and hearts pure.

One thought on “Trans-Affirming Black Lives Matter Curriculum for Pre-K through 3rd Graders

  1. Great article Megan! Devastating and mind boggling to see the lies that are being fully embraced in the public school system. I appreciate your references that show exactly what is being said so we can be more aware of the lies we have to combat with our kids. The mind is a battlefield and this shows how important it is that we love the Lord with all of our minds.


    On Wed, Feb 3, 2021 at 8:29 AM Hungry for Authenticity | Megan Johnson wrote:

    > Megan Johnson posted: ” This week, February 1-5, public schools across the > country are engaging in Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action. The > goal, “is a national uprising that affirms the lives of Black students, > teachers, and families. This week centers classroom lesson” >


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