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Christ-Follower. Wife. Eating Disorder Overcomer.

Hello there, nice to meet you! My name is Megan Johnson. I am a twenty-something, Christ-follower enjoying life with my husband, Ben, and our two Boston Terriers, Louie and Nani. I created Hungry for Authenticity to be a place to genuinely encourage women. I have this innate desire, or hunger, for authentic conversation. I enjoy bringing to light the emotional and mental struggles that accompany day-to-day life. I enjoy talking about my eating disorder recovery journey and my growing relationship with Christ. My goal is to encourage women to have a REAL Conversation.

Here’s a little snipbit of my testimony. For a more detailed post on my Eating Disorder Recovery process, check out this post.

In eating disorder counseling they say, “Don’t compare your B-reel to someone’s A-reel.” More likely than not, social media will portray someone’s best (their “A-reel”), therefore, we look at pictures and videos and see someone’s best side and compare it to all our own fears and insecurities. We don’t see the twenty or so pictures they deleted before choosing that one picture to post. We see someone that is more pretty, more fit, more put-together, etc. Naturally, women compare themselves to each other. What if, just what if, instead we were completely honest. Like “Hey, I have these insecurities and you have those insecurities. Let’s be genuine and real with each other for a second and actually talk about these insecurities versus putting our best foot forward.” I have come to a point where I enjoy revealing to others that I struggled with an eating disorder. It surprises people! Why would someone willingly reveal such a dirty, little secret? I struggled with the seeming “perfect” image I liked to portray. Now, I say, “Hey, I’m a real woman, I struggle every day with body-image. I struggled with an eating disorder for a good chunk of my adolescent and young adult life, let’s be real friends.”

I’m not here in the internet world to just show my A-reel. I struggle with self-esteem and I know other women do too. I want to make taboo topics an actual conversation. I want to show my  A-reel, B-reel, C-reel and even D-reel. Because that’s life. We go up and down, we have good days and bad days, stressful times, and happy times. I struggle with anxiousness and to-do lists, I struggle with not having enough time in the day to get everything done, but secretly wishing I had the peace to just sit and relax. I’ve gone through periods of depression, I’ve struggled with social anxiety, I struggle with getting myself out of the house everyday. I struggle with being selfish. Life is real and life is hard. Why don’t we join each other and encourage each other together? Let’s do this in place of playing the comparison game which only fuels our self-esteem issues. What if I introduced myself, “Hi I’m Megan. I’m not super skinny, I’m not super fat, I’m just average. I fit into some clothes, I don’t fit into others. I like experimenting with make-up, but I’m not the best at it. I teach exercise classes because I enjoy moving my body and I don’t care about getting bulky. I sometimes eat ice cream for dinner because I feel like it. I struggle daily with self-esteem and anxiety, but every day I fight to be more confident and at peace in who I am. I love Jesus and am actively trying to be a diligent student of the scriptures. My ideal night is being home, curled up in a blanket next to Ben watching Netflix. I struggled with an every type of eating disorder, but I’ve overcome. What’s your name?

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