Hello there, nice to meet you! I am Megan. I am a Christ-follower who enjoys life with my husband, Ben, and our two Boston Terriers.

From anorexia and compulsive exercise to binge-eating then bulimia, I struggled with a wide gamut of eating disorders from ages nine to twenty-four. If not for the loving grace of God, I would still be entrenched in the destructive cycle of eating disorders, anxiety, depression, and distorted self-image. My recovery journey spanned four years and involved multiple counselors, an intensive treatment program, and a patient, loving husband. Now, being healed from the eating disorder, I fervently want to use my testimony to call women to action.

In 2016, I created Hungry for Authenticity (hungryforauthenticity.com) as my little corner of the internet where I aim to genuinely encourage women. While my priority is my relationship with my Christ, my husband, and my family, I ultimately have two driving passions that encompass everything else.

For the woman who does not believe in Christ, I desire for you to experience healing from the struggles of life through a real, relevant, and radical relationship with Christ.

For the woman who does believe in Christ, I aim to disciple you toward enhanced Bible literacy so that you may further the kingdom.

This is a place for you, me, and other women who hunger for authenticity. Grab a moment and your favorite beverage. Let’s have a real conversation.