Hi, I’m Megan! I’m a wife, mother, and serial learner. In 2016, Hungry for Authenticity started as an outlet to write openly about my eating disorder journey. I wrote the occasional blog post, but mainly I set out to write a book about eating disorders. I had high hopes and dreams that it would be a best-seller! I dreamed it would open for me a career of writing and travel speaking at women’s conferences. Turns out God had other plans.

In 2018, I was introduced to Pastor Stephen Armstrong’s Verse by Verse Ministry International. He preaches verse-by-verse through God’s Word. It struck a hunger in me to learn more and change my life to reflect what I was learning. I found the more I consumed, the more I wanted to learn and grow. I’ve been a Christ-follower since second grade. But I never felt an intense desire to pursue Christ with my whole life until recently.

Thus, began my self-directed study of the Bible, theology, and apologetics. I earned a Graduate Certificate in Biblical Studies and a Certificate in Christian Apologetics along the way. I found I love tackling tough topics from a strictly biblical point of view. As I matured in my Christian faith, my writing content evolved with it. I scrapped the original draft of my eating disorder book, which was full of self-help, motivational nonsense. Then, I tackled it from a biblical perspective. When one does this, it generally does not become a best seller.

And so here I am, quietly plugging away at my sanctification. My writing is simply me working out my salvation with fear and trembling (Philippians 2:12-13). I work out my salvation by going to the source of my salvation – God’s Word – where my heart and mind are renewed. I study and pray my way through one tough topic at a time, then I write about it. It’s a way in which I act obediently to God’s call. I have no clue why and what He plans to do with my writing, but my job is to be obedient, and He will sort out the rest.