Is Morality Absolute: Part V Common Absolutist Arguments

Two common arguments arose from the absolutist responses:

  1. The natural world reveals that opposing morals can’t both be right.
  2. Absence of belief in a higher authority or a Creator and denial of His truths leads to people searching for their own morality.  

The “Opposing morals can’t both be right” argument was supported by the following statements.

“It has to be absolute, logically. Just like there can’t be more than one truth, there can’t be opposing morals that are both right. I think the natural world reveals some of it. We all have a conscience. God’s Word is the ultimate revelation of right vs wrong, though.”

“I think morality is absolute. There is what’s right and what’s wrong. However, people’s beliefs about what is popularly considered “moral” can change from decade to decade and with the popular or loudest opinion, but it doesn’t change what is morally correct.”

The “Absence of belief in higher authority” argument was supported by the following statements.

“Scripture is clear that there is absolute truth found in the Bible and in the person of Jesus Christ. Whether an individual chooses to agree with that or not, does not make it any less true. What it does mean is that once an individual or nation has rejected that, they will seek to decide/determine their own standard/ form of morality and it will always fall short and be incomplete causing more strife and problems than it seeks to correct.”

“I believe in absolute truth and morality. People can tell whatever narrative they want and think they can change their reality or truth but morality and absolute truth remain the same.”

“I am a Christian, so what I believe is that God/God’s law is what determines good and evil. If each person decided morality on their own, for themselves the world would be a very messed up place (not that it isn’t). Many do take it into their own hands and that is when bad things happen.

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