The “My Truth” Movement: Why Christianity Offers More

This post is part of larger blog series, “Tenets of Progressive Culture.” Read the intro post to learn who this blog series is for and what to expect. Previous posts in this series – My Truth: Defined and My Truth: Partial Truth & False Ideology.

Christianity offers more than the “my truth” movement for three reasons:

  1. It sows unity versus discord.
  2. It breeds a culture of kindness versus narcissism.
  3. It provides a way out.

Unity vs. Discord

I recently heard a piano tuning analogy that explains this concept well. Imagine a room full of pianos. How do you tune all the pianos to be in sync with one another? A tuning fork! If you tune each piano to the tuning fork by consequence, all the pianos will be in tune together. This is similar to how Christianity unifies. Being a Christian means we tune ourselves to the tuning fork, which is Christ.

Consequently, this method sows a culture of unity as we all fix our eyes on a common goal and a universal standard. In contrast, progressive culture has no tuning fork; the “my truth” movement is a perfect example of this. Each person tunes themselves to their standard. This leads to everyone being out of tune and lacking harmony with one another.

Consider this, what if “my truth” conflicts with your truth? Who wins? Whether progressive culture likes to accept it, they cannot be entirely consistent with their ideology. For example, the “#metoo movement” cannot simultaneously co-exist with a “my truth” culture. What if the men who abused and molested women felt that was “their truth?” If there is no standard of truth, then progressive culture can’t criticize and judge people for their truths. Yet, we instinctively know that men molesting women is wrong. That’s because the moral code of right and wrong is written in our hearts. Therefore, progressive culture’s “my truth” movement breeds chaos and disunity because it lacks a universal standard.

Kindness vs. Narcissism 

I see progressive culture touting and promoting “kindness.” Yet, their “my truth” movement breeds a culture of self-worship (see previous blog post for reasons why). This is narcissism, the exact opposite of kindness! Christianity exhorts kindness as a fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23); this means kindness is not inherent to our sinful nature. The Holy Spirit counsels Christians daily to act in ways of kindness towards others. 

A Way Out

Now that we’ve broken down the “my truth” movement, I hope you have come to the same conclusion I have. It is chaos, makes no logical sense, and is contrary to how we operate in society. 

Most importantly, the “My Truth” movement does not offer salvation. In fact, progressive culture does not believe that we even need saving. The “my truth” movement completely disregards what we instinctively know about ourselves. It provides a superficial façade to cover the junk in our lives. It teaches people that they don’t need a Savior; they are their own Savior. This creates many paths and sows confusion. Someone’s “truth” may be that they are “spiritual” and their good works will get them to heaven. Someone else’s truth may be that they follow Buddha or Brahma or Science. They do this to what end? What’s the purpose of “my truth?” It provides ignorance of our sin and immediate gratification of our selfish and sinful desires. That’s about it. Unfortunately, this teaching has dire eternal consequences. 

Traditional evangelical Christianity offers a way out, though – salvation! Christianity teaches us what we already instinctively know – that we are messed up. Yet, it provides a way out through Christ’s work on the cross! Faith in Christ leads to eternal life in heaven, where we will be free of our selfishness and sinful desires. Not only that, but faith in Christ gives us freedom here and now. Placing your faith in Christ is much more freeing and life-giving than the demands of progressive culture. Progressive culture places the burden on you to be your own arbiter of truth. Yet, Jesus says that “his yoke is easy and his burden is light” (Matthew 11:28). We do not need the unnecessary pressure and burden of concocting our own truth when we already have “The Truth” (John 14:6).  

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