Tenets of Progressive Culture

What influences a person’s decision to leave evangelical Christianity?

In two words, progressive culture. American progressive culture is attractive to the evangelical Christian because it presents partial biblical truths and disguises them as full truths.

Who is this blog series for?

This series is written for evangelical Christians who find themselves attracted to progressive culture. They find the Christian faith to be intolerant, bigoted, homophobic, misogynistic, and a barrier to the social justice movement. This audience sees little, if any, reasons for staying in the Christian faith. My driving purpose is to convince them otherwise.

What to expect?

In this series, I will tackle the six large tenets of progressive culture: social justice, self-love, feminism, my truth, homosexuality, and abortion. In the first post, I will define the tenet. In the second post, I will address reasons why it is a partial biblical truth and reasons why it is a false ideology. In the third post, I will give reasons why the traditional Christian faith offers more than that tenet of progressive culture. This will be the rhythm for our six tenets of progressive culture.

Stay tuned!

P.S. The previous blog series, “Is Morality Absolute?” is now available in a combined pdf format. You may download this under the “Free” tab.  

3 thoughts on “Tenets of Progressive Culture

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