Modern Feminism: Partial Truth & False Ideology

This post is part of larger blog series, “Tenets of Progressive Culture.” Read the intro post to learn who this blog series is for and what to expect. Previous post in this series – Modern Feminism: Defined.

Partial Truth: Equal in Value

God created men and women in His Image (Genesis 1:26-27). This means both genders are equal in value and worth. But then the Fall occurred, and sin infected the world. In God’s eyes, women remain equally loved and equally valuable. But in the world’s eyes, women have not been viewed in such light.

Therefore, the goal of feminism makes biblical sense. It advocates for women’s equality in our sinful and fallen world. To do so, primarily where blatant discrimination exists, is a God-pleasing and honorable mission. To be clear, there will never be perfect success in this department. Equality for women in society may make leaps and bounds. But it will never return to the ideal state of equality before the Fall. At least, not until Jesus comes back and sets up His new and perfect world.

False Ideology: Two Forms of Rebellion

Recall the question I posed in the previous post, “Why does the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG) personify feminist success while her successor, Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett (ACB), does not?”

A Washington Post article titled, “Amy Coney Barrett is a strong woman. That doesn’t make her a feminist icon,” answers this question. The author acknowledges that ACB is a great role model for women who desire to be married, raise children, and have a successful career. Then she presents a series of questions to determine if ACB is a feminist hero, “Is this judgment making the country a more equal place? Is this ruling supporting all genders in making decisions for their own lives, without being encumbered by discrimination? Does this judge accept that women should get to have the same mastery over their bodies that men have always had over their own? That members of the LGBTQ community should have the same rights to marriage, adoption or employment as straight people?”

ACB has failed the litmus test miserably. According to the author, ACB’s voting history proves she will use her position as a judge to take away other women’s rights. The most threatening rights she will take away are women’s reproductive freedom and their right to marry other women. Therefore, ACB is not a feminist hero. On the contrary, she’s an enemy of the feminist movement! Meanwhile, RBG was beloved by feminists because her voting record reflected pro-abortion and pro-LGBTQ+ rights.

We learned from this article that two determining factors delineate a feminist from other women: support for abortion and homosexuality. I have two quick questions in response to this. First, how is abortion empowering to the little girls who have been aborted? Feminists are not advocating for those little girls’ rights. Just the opposite. They advocate for their mothers’ right to end their lives before they are born! Second, is there a way to empower women without discriminating against all pro-life women? Progressive culture preaches inclusivity. Aborting girls and kicking pro-life women out of the feminist club doesn’t seem very inclusive.

Ultimately though, getting kicked out of the feminist club should come as no surprise to Christ-followers. James 4:4 says, “You adulterous people, don’t you know that friendship with the world means enmity against God? Therefore, anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God.” The two factors that distinguish a feminist from a strong woman are the two highest forms of rebellion against God: murdering those made in His image and sexual immorality. Therefore, it is logical to conclude that a Christ-follower cannot label herself a feminist. For such a label (according to progressive culture’s defined terms) represents friendship with the world which cannot be reconciled with biblical Christianity.

Keep in mind that I write this series for evangelical Christians who are attracted to progressive culture. My purpose is to show you that being a Christian and supporting the tenets of progressive culture is not compatible. One cannot have one foot in the door of progressivism and another in the door of Christianity. This is what the Bible refers to as being “lukewarm,” (Revelation 3:15-16). 

Join me next time while we discuss why Christianity has more to offer for women than the feminist movement.


Washington Post article:

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