Modern Feminism: Why Christianity Offers More

This post is part of larger blog series, “Tenets of Progressive Culture.” Read the intro post to learn who this blog series is for and what to expect. Previous post in this series – Modern Feminism: Defined and Modern Feminism: Partial Truth & False Ideology.

Christianity doesn’t get enough credit for how it empowers women. Instead, it often receives a bad rap for being outdated and misogynistic. But if you look beyond the unbiblical stereotypes, there is much freedom in Christ that empowers the modern Christ-following woman.

First and most importantly, Christ-following women receive the gift of eternal life. One day they will be free of this sinful world and will experience God’s original intent of true equality. If a woman experiences discrimination, she can look forward to a day when that will all be washed away. Only Christianity (not any other religion and certainly not progressive culture) provides hope for equality, justice, and a better world. Modern feminism pales in comparison. Feminism offers hope that women might experience some equality in the temporary here and now. Christianity provides enduring hope for an eternal future of equality; what beautiful freedom!

Second, Christ-following women have the freedom of choice. For example, she has the freedom to choose a professional career, be a breadwinner, participate in the local community, and hold certain leadership positions in the church. Indeed, there are some biblical boundaries to such freedoms. But there is much freedom in lifestyle choices that Christianity does not get credit for! A woman should remain in tune with the Holy Spirit in making these choices. As a Christ-follower, she has access to God anytime and anywhere through His Holy Spirit. A book by Kamala Harris, a Netflix special on Michelle Obama, and an Oprah magazine cannot do that. The Holy Spirit empowers women in this freedom of choice more so than any feminist icon can.

Third, Christ-following women are empowered by their relationship with the perfect male figure, Jesus Himself. The feminist movement would not be necessary if every man in the history of the world acted as Christ did. But because of the fall of humanity into sin, this is not the case. Even still, God calls husbands to sacrifice everything for their wives and emulate Christ’s example. Some men get closer to the mark, but none are perfect. Only God in the form of Jesus was the ideal model of self-sacrifice. Therefore, despite the poor male figures in a woman’s life, she always has the best role model in Jesus Christ of the perfect man.

Christianity ultimately empowers women with hope! She hopes for an eternal future in which she experiences perfect equality. While she rests in that hope, she is empowered with the freedom to commune with God and carry out lifestyle choices that glorify Him.

Two final points…

One, all power and authority ultimately come from God, not a feminist hero. God uses women to open doors of opportunity for other women. Let us not falsely give credit to modern feminist icons for something only God does. In fact, God used women in the early church long before secular society valued their worth. Women such as Phoebe, Priscilla, Junia, and Mary (Romans 16) played huge roles in shaping early Christianity centuries before the United States gave women the right to vote.

Two, indeed, modern feminism aims to lift up women instead of tearing men down. But this approach still creates a divide between the two genders. It teaches women to covet the rights and opportunities of men instead of viewing them with Christ-like love and respect. Just like us women, men are made in the image of God. Because of this, men have a great responsibility to treat women with Christ-like love in society, homes, and the church. Similarly, women have a significant obligation to treat men with Christ-like respect in society, homes, and the church. Christianity fosters kindness between men and women, emphasized by our similarities as image-bearers, not our physical differences.

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